Anchorage – Independent Living Advocate

Functional Title: IL Advocate – DD Grant Specialist

Regular, Full-time
Essential Functions:

  • To assist persons experiencing a disability to live independently within the community of their
    choice and to achieve physical, emotional and economic independence.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Goal Development
    • Assesses the consumer’s long and short term needs and goals during the initial contact.
      Establishes eligibility or makes appropriate timely referrals with consistent follow-up.
    • Structures
      their Independent Living Plan, assures that appropriate documentation is signed, and establishes
      individual goals in a timely manner.
    • Formulates and updates Habilitation plans for every DD consumer, including a brief history o
      presenting problems and goals for services, and develops proper Core plans for eligible consumers,
      monitors expenditures and completes purchase orders.
  • Skills Training
    • Structures and provides consumer training based on individual goals or service requests. Schedules
      or facilitates appropriate training, concentrating on home and community based I skill development
      and individual responsibility.
    • Helps consumers access resources and information including multi-agency collaboration an education
      regarding their rights, how to self-advocate for their needs, and how to complet the administrative
      process and paperwork needed to secure those services.
    • Provides vocational and employment skill building activities (i.e. resume writing, interview
      skills, professionalism, job search skills) to assist consumers to find and sustain consistent
  • Service Coordination
    • Assists in developing solutions to disability and daily living problems as well as systems problem
      solving in a timely and consistent manner.
    • Assists with locating peers, professional and role models in the community.
    • Contacts agencies and service providers to ensure integrated service delivery, multi-agency
      collaboration using professional and effective communication and outreach skills evidenced timely
    • Attends community events and meetings related to IL issues and services as assigned by supervisory
    • Be familiar with all aspects of DD services including: Core Plans, Wait List, DD Waiver and D
      grants and resources in the community.
    • Coordinates daily and weekly schedule with consumers and other staff; routinely reviews service
      plans with Supervisor.
    • Helps provide consumers with access to Assistive Technology, Computer lab and additional Access
      Alaska equipment.
    • Monthly completes the DD Census and forwards to Grants Manager
    • Enters goals, all contacts and demographic information in CIL Suite or telephone logs in a timely,
      thorough, accurate, and consistent manner.
    • Available and responsive to assist walk-in consumers.
  • Advocacy
    • Participates in efforts that empower people with disabilities to create lasting systems changes.
    • Conducts meetings/workshops to heighten awareness & respect for personal disabilities. Provides
      testimony and letters of support for individual consumers.
    • Networks with community resources to ensure an understanding of Access Alaska’s services and the
      services available in the community for our consumers.
    • Assist consumers with personal advocacy tasks. Other duties as assigned.

Education & Training:

  • 2 yrs. of college or equivalent topic-specific training.
  • BS/BA in social sciences preferred.


  • 3 yrs. in the health and human services field working directly with consumers.

Learning Curve: 3-6 mos.

Equipment Used: Copy Machines Fax Machines Microsoft Office Computer Personal Electronics .

Working Conditions: Little Travel Little Injury Potential Private Office

Occasionally may need to lift/carry up to 25#

Core Expectations: Confidentiality, integrity, professionalism, and a strong work ethic.
Active support of our Mission
Customer focused services

If you meet the requirements listed above please submit your application, resume and a brief cover letter to You can find our application and job description at /about-us/employment



As an Independent Living Center,
we strongly encourage persons who experience a disability to apply!