David Jacobson 1950 – 2012


David JacobsonDavid Jacobson spent over 20 years working for Access Alaska as an advocate, mentor, peer, civil rights activist and manager. He was the embodiment of the Independent Living Movement. In November of 2010 David was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

David left us Sunday, Sept 16 around 6:40 p.m. David had a long list of things he wanted to get done before he died.  He managed to check most of them off the list. The Access Alaska endowment fund being his last big project.

Last week David wrote:

My life is now coming full circle and I wish to thank Access Alaska for helping me achieving what I was capable of and thereby live a meaningful life. I wish to set up an endowment fund so that Access Alaska can continue to provide services into the future.

I’m asking you to help and here’s the reason why:

My story is not unusual. Many, many others have similar stories of how Access Alaska taught them that their lives were defined not by their disabilities but by their capabilities and how they then became part of a powerful force to help transform our entire community. All of us, not just disabled persons are the beneficiaries of our strengthened community.

It is difficult to draw a line between “the disabled” and “the rest of us” in any case, and, as we age, that distinction becomes even more tenuous. Access Alaska provides resources & teaches valuable skills to a wide range of people and the ripples thereby created touch us all.

I challenge you to give generously up to the amount you are able to create an endowment for Access Alaska and I pledge that I will match your donation up to $100,000. Your donation is fully tax deductible.

Between us, my friends, we can ensure that Access Alaska remains fiscally able to continue its wonderful work into the future.

A service will be held in November, details about any plans will be forthcoming.

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Obituary in News Miner, September 23.

Access Alaska is grateful to David and Dena for their generous donation to endow the Jacobson Family Fund. If you would like to contribute to the fund you can do so here.

Please read this News Miner article about David’s last wish.

David loved his cabin in the Alaska Range, one of Dena’s last status updates she wrote about the cabin, “It is such a life affirming awesome place it’s impossible to feel unconnected to events which occurred millions of years ago and it is comforting to know that mountains will endure long after our deaths.”